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Monday, March 17, 2014




courtesy of Steve Espinola:  "I dreamt three huge elephants swam out of the sea. One vomited up three sharks, one vomited up a small whale, and the third vomited up a mother and baby polar bear. Each was coughed up like a hair ball. All of the vomited-up creatures were uncomfortable, but alive and clearly greatly relieved. Then I woke up."

Tuesday, December 10, 2013



(via Ro'i Rose)
In our modern society, opinions are actually considered to be a healthy thing, and it is true that they are not inherently unhealthy. The logical left brain thinks through taking sides and comparing. Problems occur when your dissatisfaction begins to identify with an opinion and turns it into a dogma. It is also at this point that another disease takes root inside you — the dis-ease of seriousness. The healthy expression of opinion is rooted in a certain playfulness that comes of having an equally developed right hemisphere of the brain. Whereas the left brain sees the parts, the right hemisphere only sees the whole.
--Richard Rudd